UV lamp for nails

Nail-like nails in the comfort of home.

UV lamp for nails

Beautiful and neat hands are a business card for both men and women. It is women who like to care for their nails, color them and shape them differently. However, this process is no longer the prerogative of beauty salons. With the right tools, you can easily handle it at home. Thanks to the UV lamp, the paint dries and hardens in just a few minutes and you can continue with further adjustments. Getting to know all the parameters and functions can be difficult to get started. Read the following lines to choose exactly the lamp you need.

How to Select a UV Lamp

best uv nail lamp differ not only in performance and function, but also in design. The time when the appearance was uniform, and it was a kind of white tunnel, is long gone. Today, you can choose not only from the classic look in different colors, but also from timeless pieces that you align with the rest of your nail set.

As a rule, you will find two different types of products in the manufacturer’s product offerings. The first ones are classic UV lamps, the second one LED nail lamps. Do you know the difference between them? Let’s make them clear right from the start.

UV nail lamps

UV lamps are designed for UV gel curing. Their high-quality UV radiation ensures a beautiful result of nail modeling of gel nails. UV gel nail lamps are suitable for both home and professional use in the beauty salon.

UV lamps differ in performance. They are available in variants with different number of lamps. So you will often find lamps with one, four or even six fluorescent lamps.

When buying, be aware that you will need to replace the UV bulbs from time to time as their performance decreases over time. They are normally replaced after 300 hours of work, but this may, of course, vary. More often, however, they last longer, although the lamp no longer has its guaranteed power and the gel curing time in such a lamp can be considerably increased. Feel free from two to three minutes.

LED nail lamps

LED lamps are used to cure LED gels during nail modeling. Generally, they are among the more expensive products, due to the fact that their diodes have a substantially unlimited lifetime. Low power consumption and higher performance also speak for themselves.

The big advantage is that it usually takes 30 seconds to cure the gel, so they become more and more popular. LED lamps are also available in many variations. However, a big attraction for many women is pocket LED lamps for traveling. They are tiny and compact, and when your nail is destroyed somewhere in the field, you have almost instantaneous opportunity to correct everything.

5 Surprising tips to stay young!

To keep a young face and an athletic silhouette, it’s not just cosmetic surgery and anti-aging creams. There are also a multitude of tips and surprising tips, to adopt without further delay to get a better lifestyle and stay young.

Play sports

It is obvious that regular physical activity allows you to maintain good health, keep the line and keep a young spirit. In addition to the benefits of sport on your body, physical activity allows you to stimulate your mind, to be more open and more relaxed. The better age, it is prepared as much in the head as in the body.


Just as your muscles, your brain needs workouts. Take time to read, to play logic games, to make crossword puzzles … Read the diary and carefully keep the games page. By training your brain every day, you will work the memory and all the cognitive functions that allow you to stay young!

Wear tinted glasses

To be at the forefront of fashion and to preserve your youth, bet on glasses with tinted lenses . Some are colored according to the brightness and it’s good for you. Why ? Because these glasses filter UV and protect your eyes from the risks of eye problems, such as cataracts, common with age. These tinted lenses also reduce the lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Practice fasting

This particular practice would be able to extend your life expectancy. You can practice fasting alternately or intermittently, depriving you of eating either one day a week, three days a month, seven days a year or five days twice a year! For an alternative fast, you can fast for 16 hours a day. The principle ? Eat only for a period of eight hours, between 13 hours and 21 hours for example or noon and 20 hours. This diet is also called the 8-hour diet .

Eat colorful

This is the longevity secret of the people of Okinawa Island, in southern Japan. The idea is to eat extremely colorful foods every day! In their plate, fruits and seasonal vegetables of different colors. Pigments mark the presence of antioxidants, perfect for preserving health! It’s even better if the food comes straight from your vegetable garden!

Make love
This should be a precept of life! To keep your youth, bet on your relationship with your partner. A sex-rich life helps protect your body. The secretion of endorphins, the hormones of pleasure make you feel good in your head and in your body. So make love as regularly as possible, to stay young the longest.